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DEUTA MFT 5/2 compact display

The compact success terminal of the third generation.

Compact displays with 6.5" were deployed in LRTs and metro projects already in the mid 1990s. The first MFD 5  was delivered in 1996; the displays are in their third generation by now. The use of the MFT 5/2 as successor to the MFD 5 virtually increases the service life of the display. Thus, DEUTA now covers a delivery period of 20 years with identically constructed displays.

  • 6,5" colour TFT with 640 x 480, 18 bit, LED lightening
  • Geode, LX 800, 500 MHz processor
  • resistive touch screen
  • protection: IP 65 front / IP 54 rear
  • installation dimension: 248 mm w x 140 mm h x 65 mm d