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Multifunctional Trust Terminals
Multifunctional Trust Terminals

DEUTA Trust Terminals

The Driver-Machine-Interface for customized visualization tasks

Multifunctional Trust Terminals
Multifunctional Trust Terminals
Optical Bonding
Optical Bonding
Redundant Terminal Solutions
Redundant Terminal Solutions

DEUTA trust terminals are the optimal solution for your customized visualization requirements. With the modern Driver Machine Interfaces (DMI) you can substitute multiple functions with one single vehicle display.

Software easily ported

All units are based on the same technological concept: a baseboard containing all interfaces, plus an integrated PC. This concept ensures easy portability of your software across the different terminal models. 

Durable, robust, economical

Durable and robust: even under extreme conditions,  DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) remain reliable and available. We have documented this on the video. The model MFT L11 has been in an endurance test for months now on the rooftop of our company building - withstanding snow and ice.

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Economical: for DEUTA MFTs, only rugged TFT displays with high contrast and brightness are used. You can benefit from the excellent price/performance ratio, combined with high MTBF and optimized LCC values.

Flexibility for every application

Depending on the application and installation conditions, there are different display sizes available as well as a variety of fieldbus and interface variants. The flexibility of DEUTA's MFTs is also demonstrated in the choice of available operating systems: the board computers support QNX™, LINUX™, Microsoft Windows™ and DOS™.

Versatility of application for DEUTA MFTs:

  • diagnostics display
  • visualization of virtual instruments
  • driver assistance systems
  • DMI for ETCS (European Train Control System)
  • DMI for CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

Your advantages at a glance

  • standardized technology and consistent design for all MFTs
  • Easy portability of customer software
  • form-fit-function compatible (see section on Obsolescence)
  • robust in extreme environmental conditions (see section on Environmental Conditions)
  • high MTBF values (see section on MTBF)