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DEUTA Modular Driver’s Cab Indicators (MFA)

Modular. Flexible. Well-proven.

DEUTA’s modular driver’s cab indicators are designed for the driver’s desk. They include all the indicators that are important for the train driver, brought together and located centrally in the middle of the driver's desk: instruments for actual and target speed, for tractive and braking force, as well as all indicator lamps required to operate the train.

Central Interface

All activation lines connect simply via a central interface connector with the vehicle’s electrics, thus avoiding the need for troublesome and expensive individual wiring. The modular driver's cab indicators are deployed in many different train safety systems (e.g. LZB and INDUSI), and can be connected to the multi-vehicle bus.

Modular structure for every requirement

The modular structure of the hardware and software meets further requirements, if needed, e.g. mechanical specifications with regard to shape, surface, color or type of connector.

Your indicator designs can also be implemented on vehicles which use more modern signal technology (ATC, ATP): all type of indicators can very easily be installed - whether moving coil mechanisms, stepper motors, digital indicators, bar graphs or compressed air indicators. To your advantage: you can adapt modules at short notice to suit all the requirements of railway operation.

DEUTA’s modular driver’s cab indicating units are already deployed in many trains with analogue indicator technology and have been tried and tested.

MFA from DEUTA – tailored for your needs:

  • MVB
  • Coloring (front plate, scales, pointers, printing)
  • Scale divisions
  • Luminescent with after-glow, key lighting
  • Increased accuracy rating (up to 0.5 % with ESG)
  • Valuable additional functions
  • Customer logo
  • Additional text etc.

DEUTA MFA comply with the following standards, among others:

  • EN 50155 (Railway Standard) 
  • EN 61373 (Vibration) 
  • EN 50121 (EMV)