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Safe IconTrust® technology for ETCS

Safe IconTrust® technology for ETCS

For their rides on the VDE8 track, the high-speed trains ICE 1 and ICE 3 of Deutsche Bahn AG were equipped amongst others with the latest ETCS train protection technology according to the latest European specification, the so-called Baseline 3.4. Particularly for the man-machine interface, viz. for the user interface between driver and electronic train protection system, safe display of certain information such as speed and the entry/ confirmation of safety-related commands are mandatory.

Already in 1990s, DEUTA-WERKE equipped the two ICE types with the so-called MFA modular drivers’ cab indicator unit. To retrofit the ICE 1 and ICE 3 fleets, DEUTA engineers developed a tailor-made digital replacement solution with a terminal hardware that fits 1:1 into the existing cab and train safety environment. Their application software combines the well-known displays of the MFA with the visualizations of the ETCS track. The display and operation terminals are designed for maximum availability as a redundant twin terminal. For this purpose, two 8" terminal units were mounted in an vertical in parallel position. If one unit fails, the most important driving data are displayed and operations are carried out on the second terminal so that the train driver is able to continue the ride safely.

The ICE 1 and ICE 3 trains drive on the VDE8/ETCS track with a speed of up to 300 km/h through Germany. Therefore, the ETCS specifications with the baseline 3.4 are highly focused on safety. The driver must be able to rely on the speed terminal, anytime. DEUTA is the only supplier worldwide who combines high-availability redundant Multi-Functional Terminals with the patented IconTrust® and SelectTrust® solutions for safety up to safety integrity level SIL 3. These safety functions detect representation and confirmation errors of the unsafe PC system to single functions. They were intensively examined by independent assessors and corresponding reports conclusively confirm these safety functions - because safety creates trust!

In addition to DEUTA´s Multi-Functional Terminals with IconTrust® and SelectTrust®, the total equipment of the ICE 1 and ICE 3 trains is complemented by DEUTA´s Multi-Functional Recorders and Doppler radar sensors DRS05.