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DEUTA PMU – Protected Data Storage

Protection under extreme conditions

DEUTA PMU Crash Hardened Memory Units complete the product line of REDBOX Multifunction Recorders with protected travel data recorder units. The special design of the housing makes it ideally suited to withstand the extreme mechanical and thermal conditions experienced in railway transportation.

Space saving and compact, the PMU can be mounted as a stand-alone device with an angle fastening set or alternatively can be mounted in the 19” plug-in module. Travel data is read out via the USB interface 1.1 or 2.0, or via the read-out interface.

The Protected Memory Units comply with the following standards:

  • PMU 22 – Standard: GM/RT 24/72
  • PMU 23 – Standard: GM/RT 24/72, IEEE Std. 1482.1-1999
  • PMU 24 – Standard: IEEE Std. 1482.1-1999, FRA Directive 49,
                                        (FRA 49 CFR Part 229, § 229.135 Appendix D)
  • PMU 25 – Standard: GM/RT 24/72, IEEE Std. 1482.1-1999