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PMU26 – Crash Hardened Memory Unit

Easily Add FRA Crash Hardened Memory to Existing Systems!

Certified to FRA standards, the PMU26 Crash Hardened Memory Unit allows for effortless integration to new or existing systems. Offering 200 GB of capacity and an on-board fast ethernet network interface, adding Crash Hardened Memory is simple and straightforward requiring minimal modifications to existing systems.

  • Space efficient and compact
  • Fast Ethernet & USB
  • 200 GB Memory capacity
  • According FRA 49 CFR Part 229, § 229.135 appendix D
  • According to IEEE 
  • 24 - 110 V Wide range power supply
  • Gigabit-Ethernet Service PC Interface
  • Optimised for video data protection

The easily add CHM to existing systems:

  • Video and Voice Recording
  • Train Data Recording with DEUTA REDBOX®
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic System or other peripheral system