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DEUTA Indicators with Stepper Motor

For particularly challenging tasks in driver's desks

DEUTA analog ESG indicators with stepper motors are particularly precise and robust mounted instruments. From technically demanding operational conditions to safety-related displays.

Ergonomically designed – continually updated

DEUTA analog indicating units with ESG stepper motors are a particularly precise and robust family of mounted instruments and panel meters, and are well-suited for technically demanding applications including safety-related indicators.

ESG indicating units can be used to display a broad range of parameters in analog format. The pointer responds smoothly to input changes without any perceptible jerkiness. The speed at which the pointer moves is comparable to that of a conventional indicator unit. The latest ergonomic standards are reflected in the design of the pointers and scales.

Our product range

The range of products includes circular (ESG3/1, diameter 130mm) and rectangular instruments (ESG14, 144x144mm), with various scales up to a 320° degree range. The units are used on many trains with analog technology and have proven themselves time and again. The mounted instruments and panel meters are largely compliant with DIN 75501 with respect to mounting dimensions.

ESG indicators have multiple customizable elements, such as:

  • coloring (scale, pointer, printing)
  • scale divisions
  • coloring of night lights
  • increased accuracy rating (up to 0.5 %)
  • additional functions (indicator lamps)
  • company signs

DEUTA indicators comply with SIL 2 safety standards

All indicating units with stepper motors have naturally been tested and checked according to current rail standards and carry the CE mark. The devices were developed in accordance with CENELEC standards and are compliant up to SIL 2 for speed indicators.

The stepper motor indicators also comply with the following standards:

  • EN 50155 
  • EN 50126 
  • EN 50128 
  • EN 50129 
  • EN 50159 
  • EN 61373 
  • EN 50121