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PMU geschützte Datenspeicher
REDBOX Rekorder
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MFT 102 - EBuLa
MFT Multifunktions-Terminal
MFT Multifunktions-Terminal

Diagnostics Displays

The safety requirements for mass transport systems are extremely high. With a DEUTA multi-functional terminal, the train driver has access to the diagnostic data for his or her train, the braking system, etc.

The sensors of an evaluation unit deliver the current values to the Multifunctional Terminal (MFT). The driver can identify faulty components and react in an appropriate manner.

Depending on the type of application and options for installation, there are various sizes of displays and indicators available, which can be combined with a selection of different interfaces. The displays can also be used as video monitors at the same time.

Also see reliable speed displays.

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions.

Indicating units
DEUTA indicating units are distinguished by their high availability, safety, and precision.
Multifunctional Terminals
The optimal solution for customized display tasks
DEUTA recorders are a key component of train safety