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Setting a Course for Joint Progress

DEUTA AMERICA Corp. is the U.S. operating entity of DEUTA-WERKE GmbH. DEUTA is a market leading international supplier of electronic systems  installed inside freight and passenger cars in the rail industry. Operating in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, DEUTA's products include driver display technologies, odometry and positioning systems as well as event recorders and safety-relevant controllers.

Our vision

Those who want to make a real difference in rail technology today need a capacity for innovation, a convincing vision. As business partners of rail vehicle operators and system suppliers, we set an early corporate course for a successful collaboration. We develop solutions which prove their worth when applied guaranteeing you the highest degree of competitiveness, functionality and safety of transport systems.

We set international standards

Our engagement and commitment during the development of new components and functional safety systems centers mainly around train safety, vehicle availability and traceability as well as the entire spectrum of speed measurement, recording, evaluation and visualization.

Results which speak for themselves

DEUTA is the only provider worldwide which projects sensors, REDBOX driving data recorders, Multifunctional Terminals and indicating units from its own in-house development and manufacturing facilities into validated and verified SIL-functional safety systems. This capacity for innovation will continue to be fully utilized into the future.