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Vehicle Displays for the Most Extreme Conditions

Tested. Reliable. Safe.

DEUTA displays are in operation worldwide in all climate zones defying even the most difficult environmental conditions. Whether heat, cold, dust or damp – we develop and produce our displays according to the highest quality criteria in order to comply with all requirements.

Our systematic operation analysis allows for possible risks from the beginning. For this, we examine all influencing factors carefully – from external and internal temperature development to climatic conditions such as air humidity and dust exposure and testing for electromagnetic tolerance of the systems.

Tailor-made components for every application

Selecting components which perfectly suit their area of application and enviromental conditions is a crucial quality factor of DEUTA displays. That is why all parts and components are comprehensively tested for long-term availability and durability. Some examples:

  • Component performance is tested for operation without cooling blowers.
  • The selected processors are subjected to qualificaton tests, such as the environmental stress screening test.
  • To rule out overheating, the temperature development of the displays is measured.
  • Ergonomic factors such as reading angle, brightness and display contrast are checked.
  • All front plates must be able to withstand vandalism and are thoroughly tested in DEUTA’s test laboratory.

All DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) are certified according to EN 50 155 and therefore meet the strict safety conditions for rail and traffic technology.