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Social Commitments and Charitable  Activities

Education, college courses, work placements, Girls day, KURS* partnership, MINT** partnership, ‘Do something’, cultural commitments (museums, geology), sporting commitments (sports clubs), commitment to the disabled (workshop for the blind) are a living reality for DEUTA.
*cooperation programme between schools and enterprises
** network of schools, enterprises and universities to promote education and studies in the domains of mathematics, informatics and natural sciences

Within all of its social commitments, DEUTA feels particularly strongly about two themes: children and young people as well as cultural funding. Children and young people are the future of our society - our civic, economic and our political future. Therefore, at DEUTA we regard investing in young people as furthering sustainability and innovation in general.

It is consequently of particular importance to us to improve access to education of children and young people. We also facilitate, through our business network, visits by children and young people to political and especially cultural facilities as well as visits to companies operating in other sectors. In this way, they gather information about future prospects and develop a better knowledge of their urban environment.

We are committed to a company culture which promotes innovation, common values, quality and flexibility – both internally and externally.
A consistent business commitment also requires responsible management of its own personnel. Our success is based on them, since it is their excellent work which contributes to our customers’ expectations being fulfilled or even exceeded. This is why we invest intensively in our employees – in their education, their professional qualifications, their motivation and health as well as in their workplace safety.