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DEUTA Products for LRTs

Perfect in city traffic

DEUTA has a long tradition of developing products for trams. All products for trams flexibly adapt to tight installation spaces and comply with legal and operational regulations.

Sensors, Travel Data Recorder, Indicators and Multi-Functional Terminals can be used as a single product or a SIL system. DEUTA supports the entire expertise process within new projects and the customer-specific integration.

The focus is on the safety of people when DEUTA products are in use:

Multifunctional recorders

Our travel data recorders KWR 4, KWR 5, KWR 6 and KWR 21 have been enjoying the highest reputation all over the world for decades due to their high quality and reliability.

DEUTA REDBOX recorders® are the next milestone in this long history of success. They combine two applications:

  • the travel data recording enables the reconstruction of events and forms the basis for fleet optimization
  • the safety function in accordance with the CENELEC SIL standard, where the safety of vehicle and passengers has the highest priority

REDBOX recorders

Multifunctional Terminals

DEUTA's terminals of success will fit in even the tiniest installation space. Compact displays with 6.5" were deployed in trams and metro projects already in the mid 1990s. The first MFD 5 was delivered in 1996; the displays are now in their third generation. The use of identically constructed MFTs as form-fit-function compatible extends the service life of the display. DEUTA can now cover a delivery period of 20 years with identically constructed displays.
For SIL certifications, DEUTA offers all terminals with IconTrust® technology.

Multifunctional Terminals


Whether round or square - DEUTA indicators are available in countless variants for trams. Our SIL indicators offer additional safety. The ESG indicators with stepper motor provide feedback over a second separate controller. They are characterized by an integrated monitoring system in the form of a feedback unit. The electrical EGS indicators are equipped with two independently operating moving coil instruments whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals. The electrical ENG indicators have a moving coil instrument whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals.


Speed sensors

The space-saving pick-up sensors and the axle-mounted speed sensors are the ideal choice for trams.

The operationally proven speed sensors are driven by a mechanical coupling from the axle of the vehicle. Dirt and vibrations will scarcely impair the DEUTA axle mounted generator. They are integrated into the system in order to create secure speed information.

The pick-up sensors use the Hall principle and have an extraordinarily high service life as they are non-contacting in operation and thus wear-free to a great extent.