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RTD10 - Radar Test Bench

Test Bench for Doppler radar sensors

The RTD10 verifies the functional characteristics of DEUTA Doppler radar sensors independently and unaffected by weather conditions or external influences. It can perform tests on both DRS05 sensors with a standard housing and DRS05S1 sensors with an integrated protective cover. Upon completion of the examination, the test bench automatically generates the test result and creates a test report.

RTD10 Simulation of the moving ground

Doppler radar sensors are mounted on the under side of the vehicle and detect the speed based on the moving ground. Objects in the track bed and the timing of the positional changes of these in relation to each other form the basis for the speed capture.

Component testing in the Workshop

The RTD10 Radar Test Benches are an important part of quality assurance. Testing of functions during and following maintenance and servicing measures ensure the correct function of the signal chain: Sensor— Recorder—Indicator.

RTD10 Radar Test Benches for Railway Operators:

  • System testing of replacement component parts
  • Function testing of replacement components prior to installation in the vehicle
  • Testing of components which have been in storage (incoming and outgoing goods)
  • Error diagnosis of components in laboratory environments and maintenance workshops