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Test Laboratory for High-end Quality

Modern facilities and one-to-one support

DEUTA products stand for high-end quality. Product development is therefore reliably supported by our accredited test laboratory. Our lab’s modern facilities correspond to the highest technical requirements and offer a variety of test possibilities, e.g. for electromagnetic tolerance or climatic and mechanical influences.

The following test options are available:

  • climatic test chambers acc. to EN 60068-2-x
  • vibration tests according to EN 61373 and EN 60068-2-x
  • anechoic measuring chamber
  • measuring station ESD
  • measuring stations for conduction-based tests

Special test equipment to support development:

  • infra-red camera for production of heat-images (thermography)
  • impact testing up to impact resistance grade IK06
  • testing of insulation and electric strength
  • endurance testing
  • stress screening
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