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DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals

DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) stand for a forward-looking display generation always in touch with the latest trends, yet being also flexible and economical. When we develop our MFTs, we exploit the latest in technology for applications in rail vehicle traffic. SIL-capable MFTs with patented IconTrust  technology are the new standards in terms of driving safety for displays that correspond to the safety standards of today and tomorrow.

DEUTA MFT5/2 compact display

The compact success terminal of the third generation

Compact displays with 6.5" were deployed in LRTs and metro projects already in the mid 1990s. The first MFD 5  was delivered in 1996; the displays are in their third generation by now. The use of the MFT 5/2 as successor to the MFD 5 virtually increases the service life of the display. Thus, DEUTA now covers a delivery period of 20 years with identically constructed displays.

DEUTA MFT11 with single-board design concept

Extra performance and energy efficient

The high performance of the MFT L11 is based on the DEUTA Geode single-board design concept. For this, DEUTA’s unique board technology was combined with the successful DEUTA terminal design. The result is a superior terminal in a class of its own: large working storage, high computing power and less power loss due to energy-saving technology.

DEUTA MFT102 for EBuLa Applications

Practically maintenance-free MFTs

The EBuLa display MFT 102 does not make use of accumulators or moving parts such as blowers, CD ROM and disc drives making it practically maintenance-free.

Only the internal flash disc as well as the background lighting need to be considered depending on the area of application. Positive spin-offs are high MTBF values and improved temperature behavior.

Simple runtime diagnosis

An environmental controller simplifies the runtime diagnosis of the display. Using an USB stick, the operating hours and conditions of individual subsystems can be read out allowing for optimal planning of maintenance intervals. The presented screen contents and keyboard confirmations are stored continuously and can be read out at any time.

DEUTA MFT1150 & MFT1156 

Everything at a glance in XGA | SXGA | WXGA

The MFTs with XGA, SXGA and WXGA resolution upgrade each driver's desk, brilliant in their presentation thanks to optical bonding technology.
The new mounting and installation options of the capacitive touch DMIs provide a smooth surface and enough place for different appplications, even with safety function.

DEUTA ARM Terminal 8"


The DEUTA ARM Terminals (DAT) can be used optionally as single terminal or as redundant double display to increase the availability.

With its compact housing shape, the DATs in the redundant double display variant is compatible with the standard 10" displays.

The DAT series are equipped with the patented IconTrust- technology as standard. IconTrust monitors predefined areas on the TFT display, analyses the displayed image and compares the image data with the value of the initial input variable. In the event of deviations, IconTrust triggers a safety-oriented response.

  • 8" WVGA terminals
  • ARM, 500 MHz processor
  • as redundant version in use for ETCS applications with STM/NTC
  • (Specific Transmission Module)/(National Train Control)
    with patented IconTrust safety technology

DEUTA ARM Terminal 5"


Thanks to its lean design the 5" DAT2050 ARM Terminals can be applied as HMI in many fields and as a flexible alternative to analogue indicators and push buttons. Even smallest details are sharply shown due to a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The optical bonded capacitive touch panel offers very good readability from all angles.

  • 5.0" TFT, 800 x 480 display resolution / 400 cd/m2 lighting
  • ARM, 1 GHz processor
  • improved power consumption due to innovative technology
  • capacitive touch panel
  • optical bonded
  • wide range power supply with maximum efficiency