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DEUTA Analog Indicators

Specially customized instruments for driver's deks and every area of application

DEUTA analog indicators have proven their worth over decades as mounted panel instruments in a variety of settings. The range of products includes circular (ENG) and rectangular instruments (EQG) with 240° scales as well as many special devices such as indicators with stepper motors (ESG).
The complete range of built-in instruments is largely compliant with DIN 75501 with respect to mounting dimensions.

Analog measurement devices with a variety of optional extras

The range of DEUTA indicators extends to special instruments such as dual measurement devices (EGS) with various optional extras. Circular dual indicators are available in 100 mm and 130mm sizes, and rectangular dual indicators have dimensions of 96 x 96 mm. The line also includes a dual indicator with two measurement units arranged side by side (EGS6, 96 x 192 mm).

Modular design for customized indicators

Good to know: Since DEUTA’s analog indicators are conceived as modules, they can be customized in many ways in order to meet client-specific requirements. Customizable elements include:

  • input variables (current/voltage, AC/DC)
  • lighting (bulb or LED)
  • coloring (spectrum, pointer, printing)
  • scale division     
  • multiple measurement range
  • coloring of night lights
  • increased accuracy rating (up to 1 %)
  • modifications to measuring units
  • additional functions (counters)
  • company logos

Mounted analog panel meters from DEUTA comply with the following standards, among others:

  • EN 50155 (Railway standards) 
  • EN 61373 (Vibration) 
  • EN 60051 (Accuracy)
  • EN 50121 (EMV)