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World Record for Reliability

MTBF values of DEUTA’s Multifunctional Terminals (MFT)

Multifunctional displays are used nowadays particularly for displaying data diagnostics. In some countries, electronics have replaced book timetable displays. Up-to-date travel data (ETCS) with a certain degree of safety relevance is now being displayed.

High demands on multifunctional displays

It is no wonder therefore that producers and operators are not prepared to compromise when it comes to the reliability of multifunctional displays. Compliance with MTBF values of over 100,000 hours is required, as is operational availability in extreme temperature environments (entire EN 50155-T3 range) and flexibility with respect to interfaces (MVB, PROFIBUS, CAN-Bus, RS485, USB, RS422, Ethernet).

600,000 hours of high availability

DEUTA MFTs meet and indeed excced these requirements: with an MTBF value of 600,000 hours, the displays currently hold the world record for availability and durability. This success did not happen by chance. After all, DEUTA is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in display development.

Save on costs

DEUTA MFTs not only increase the functional safety of locomotives. With their above-average MTBF values, they provide producers and operators with significant potential savings. Low fault susceptibility during operation and the associated reduced downtimes reduce your operating costs, considerably.

All around the world, our customers trust DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals – and with good reason:

  • minimum MTBF values of 110,000 h during daily operation of 16 hours
  • robust housing technology with high IP protection class
  • low self-heating
  • high component integration
  • extremely flat assembly dimensions
  • reduction of  apprx. 20 % on initial price
  • doubling of product life cycle
  • platform for Linux, QNX, MS-Dos and Windows operating systems
  • variety of supported interfaces
  • components that are less risky than those of other producers, such as CPU mainboards