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DEUTA Products for High Speed

Getting there faster

DEUTA products are used in high-speed trains around the world. The measuring chain with the DEUTA Doppler DRS 05 radar sensors begins when trains travel faster than 350 km/h. Pick-up sensors, DEUTA REDBOX recorders, Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) and indicators supplement the safety system.

The focus is on the safety of people when DEUTA products are in use:

Multifunctional recorders

DEUTA REDBOX® recorders adapt flexibly to the different requirements in high-speed trains.  The field of application of the REDBOX recorders goes far beyond the tasks of a data logger. Embedded in the communications structure of the high-speed trains, the open architecture of the REDBOX is adapted to the respective application areas. This is how the REDBOX integrates itself in the different train protection environments around the world.

REDBOX Recorders

Multifunctional Terminals

The product range of Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) is versatile for high-speed trains. Each terminal is tailored for use in the driver's console. The common basis of the terminals is the secure, rugged and reliable display technology that can be equipped with future-oriented SIL2-capable IconTrust®  technology upon request.

Multifunctional Terminals


Whether round or square - DEUTA indicators are available in countless variants for high-speed trains. DEUTA SIL indicators offer additional safety. The ESG indicators with stepper motor provide feedback over a second separate controller. They are characterized by an integrated monitoring system in the form of a feedback unit. The electrical EGS indicators are equipped with two independently operating moving coil instruments whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals. The electrical ENG indicators have a moving coil instrument whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals.


Speed sensors 

For high-speed trains, DEUTA offers two technologies with different operating modes: 

DEUTA radar sensors 

DEUTA radar sensors operate non-contacting and use the Doppler principle of microwaves to calculate the measured values. Thanks to integrated digital signal processors (DSP), sophisticated algorithms can be evaluated in the device itself. Values for speed, distance, driving direction and acceleration are issued over serial interfaces. The sensors also offer information about their operating mode and condition. 

DEUTA pick-up sensors

The pick-up sensors are characterized by an extremely long service life thanks to their non-contacting and thus mostly wear-free mode of operation. Measurements are taken by scanning a gearwheel or pole wheel. The sensor is arranged at a specific distance over the wheel.