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IVEN - IconTrust Verified Engineering

TÜV certified functional safe configuration processes

IVEN is the user interface for configuration  the complete Trust-Family: IconTrust® SelectTrust®, SignalTrust® and TouchTrust®.

There will always be new application changes and additional customer requests. Safety-related changes and new configurations of the monitoring areas can be configured specific to project with the IVEN engineering tool and prepared for the expertise.

With the IVEN Engineering Tool, you independently configure the safety-critical and project-specific monitoring areas on the TFT panel - simply, quickly and clearly.

IVEN offers a preview of the configured monitoring areas and checks the configuration for consistency. In the process, IVEN records all process values with the corresponding screen photo, transfers the configuration to the IconTrust module and automatically generates a PDF validation report as direct documentation for the expertise.

Configuration & Diagnosis 

IVEN enables the configuration, diagnosis and the test of the  IconTrust® modules:


  • configuration of SIL-related monitoring areas and dialog boxes
  • definition of basic parameters (resolution, error counter behaviour, etc.)

Automatically record:

  • determine and record the checksums for all permitted graphical elements 


  • upload the configuration to the IconTrust board


  • automatically generation of a PDF validation report as documentation for the expertise.


  • diagnosis of communication and hardware with detailed error output.