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DEUTA Products for PTC

Positive train protection

The American train control system PTC - Positive Train Control - is the radio-based train protection system in the US. The DEUTA PTC products are optimally prepared for integration in the FRA/IEEE environment.

The focus is on the safety of people when DEUTA products are in use:

Multifunctional recorders

DEUTA REDBOX®star recorders adapt flexibly to the different requirements in PTC train protection systems. Flexible configuration options and compact dimensions are the ideal platform for PTC applications in freight locomotives, high-speed trains and metro vehicles. 

DEUTA REDBOX®star multifunctional recorders are based on European and worldwide standards. In the process, they fulfil the specific requirements for integration in an FRA/IEEE environment. All REDBOX®star recorders are compatible with the protected data memories PMU 23 and PMU 24.


Multifunctional Terminals

DEUTA offers various multifunctional terminal variants for the PTC environment in the North American market. For existing vehicles, DEUTA qualifies retrofit solutions which, in addition to the look & feel, comply with the required North American standards.

Multifunctional Terminals


Digital indicators offer optimal legibility even from a greater distance. They are suitable for indicating speeds and as a regulating step indicator.


Speed sensors

The space-saving pick-up sensors and the axle-mounted speed sensors are the ideal choice for regional vehicles.

The pick-up sensors use the Hall principle and have an extraordinarily high service life as they are non-contacting in operation and thus wear-free to a great extent.