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DEUTA Functional Safety Systems - Essential

Modular and unique

Each DEUTA REDBOX safety system is individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. We can also successfully get your safety system to certification.

Essential System

Characteristics of the DEUTA REDBOX Essential Safety System:

  • one DEUTA REDsafe
  • two axle-mounted DF 16 - optional
  • two pick-up sensors HS 22


We provide a diverse range of services for the Essential System which includes the following, e.g.:

  • development of SCUs (Safe Control Units) corresponding to customer requirements for safety functions - e.g. with:
    • standstill detection - SIL 4
    • rollback protection - SIL 3
    • speed monitoring - SIL 4
    • speed indicator - SIL 2
    • DSD functionality with the aid of a hand switch and a foot pedal corresponding to the
      predetermined Safety Integrity Level - SIL 4
    • transmission of speed values - SIL 3
  • certified components with proven performance which assume safety functions in the system:
    • axle-mounted DF 16
    • speed indicators
  • final development of a system architecture of the above described products

  • obtaining approval for individual safety functions according to valid safety standards for rail applications (DIN EN 50126, DIN EN 50128, DIN EN 50129)