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DEUTA products for ETCS; DEUTA products enable interoperable train traffic on the basis of international train standards


Deuta products and system solutions for your application

DEUTA Multi-Functional Terminal MFT S11 SIL3 with IconTrust® Technology and TFT panel

Multi-Functional Terminals

The Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) for customised visualization tasks

DEUTA Pick-up Sensors; Hall Effect Speed Sensors with extremely long life spans


Pick-Up Sensors, Axle-Mounted Sensors, Radar Sensors

DEUTA Mounted Analogue Panel Meters; these indicating units have proven their worth over decades as mounted panel instruments in a variety of Settings.

Indicating Units 

Safe. Proven. Tailor-made.

DEUTA Travel Data Recorder REDBOXpro; Event Recorder

REDBOX® Multi-Functional Recorders

Multiple versions for your application

DEUTA XP 20 Test Benches - Sensor Travel Simulation

XP 20 Travel Simulation 

For rail operators, system integrators and customer service employees

DEUTA / MAY 2023

DEUTA Wide-Terminals

Everything at a glance

DEUTA Wide Terminals feature the compact installation dimensions of a 10” housing combined with an optical bonded 12.1” information surface.

RTD-10 Radar Test Bench

DEUTA / January 2023

RTD-10 DEUTA Radar Test Bench

System calibration in the depot and on track

The RTD-10 Radar Test Benches emulate real and fictitious test runs within a signal chain. They are not subject to changes in weather and are free from external influences.

RTD-10 Radar Test Bench

DEUTA / April 2022

Crash Hardened Memory

Widespread use of a "black box" for video storage should ultimately lead to safety.

Recent NTSB Recommendations, the FRA NPRM 2019-14407 and APTA recommendation APTA RT-OP-RP-024-19 pertain to retain forward-facing and operator-facing camera feeds in crash protected memory for rail vehicles. 



D-SmartView® Trust

Modern design with a new user experience!

The D-SmartView Trust Terminal is no longer embedded in the surface of the driver's desk, as it is designed to be mounted on a Vesa monitor system.



D-ViewTrust® Terminals

Standard Monitore with IconTrust®

In control centres, monitoring areas or operator stations - whereever information must be shown safely, the D-ViewTrust monitor finds its place. With display sizes from 17” up to 24” and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) D-ViewTrust monitors offer enough place to display the safety related information.



DEUTA MFT - 15.0" & 15.6"


The latest DEUTA multi-functional terminals with XGA, SXGA and WXGA resolution upgrade each driver's desk. Brillant in their presentation with new mounting and installation options.

DEUTA / March 2018

IconTrust® wins Industry Award 2018

Category Supplier

IconTrust® has convinced the top-level jury and is the best of the Industry Award INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018 in the category "Suppliers".

company news 

Buy America 

» DEUTA AMERICA meets FTA requirements «

DEUTA AMERICA Corp. is your local partner for products, system consultation, commissioning, training and maintenance services.

DEUTA America is also providing FTA Buy America requirements compliant products, including event recorders and multi-functional terminals, for rolling stock procurements as required by U.S. standards and legislation.

DEUTA America is your U.S. service partner at all levels for commissioning and maintenance services. Our engineers find the perfect solution for each individual application.